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"Pictures tell you more than a thousand words"

Fotojournalist Gerhard Götz - Der neue Tag - Weiden, Schwandorf, Wackersdorf, Landkreis Schwandorf, Oberpfalz, Bayern, Nittenau, BurglengenfeldThese picture are taken of everyday life, of small and large events, around the city of Schwandorf, the district, Oberpfalz, Bavaria, Germany and the whole world.

Enjoy the pictures online, download and collect them or use them as wallpapers but please keep them for private use only.

Would you like a picture in a larger format you can purchase them through my contact link. The pictures are also available for publications, however only with a previous license agreement.

If photo source is quoted and the fee paid, it is also possible to print the photos.

Legal reference:
Photos must not be multiplied, printed or used in any other way without the prior agreement of the author. Furthermore it requires the acquisition of rights for usage of the pictures. The Copyright  remains the photographer!

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